Julie Grundy, information architect and user experience consultant

Julie Grundy

Information Architect + User Experience Designer

I have 10 years of experience solving problems to make users' digital experiences more enjoyable.  My strengths include designing intuitive interfaces that encompass both user and business goals, and clearly communicating those design decisions. Using UX research methods, I love to find the answer to the question, “Is this effective?”.  I currently reside in Durham, NC and enjoy volunteering for local UX organizations and listening to bluegrass music.



User Research

Providing an unbiased, strategic approach for understanding the needs and context of users. Related: discovery, usability testing, proto-personas, Google analytics analysis.

Organizational and Competitive Research

Absorbing the unique rules and practices around the business, and competitors, to inform design decisions. Related: discovery, competitor analysis, the getting to know you phase.

Heuristic Usability Evaluation

Analyzing a current site or application for effectiveness and efficiency using industry standard usability principles as guide. Related: user experience assessment, site evaluation.


Information Architecture

Taking stock of information and organizing it in a way that is helpful for the people who need it, while staying true to the core nature of its intention. Related: organizing words and concepts, controlled vocabulary, content policing, sitemaps.

Content Strategy

Planning how content can support business and user goals, as well as provide structure for content management systems. Related: content sherpa, responsive content modeling, team chunk.


Producing documentation that communicates expectations for a digital project. This comes in the form of wireframes and clickable prototypes, functional requirement documentation to developers, and content worksheet plans for clients. Related: the architectural blueprint, interaction design.


Present and Instruct

Presented on: UX Research, Intro to UX, Content Modeling and "10 UX and Development practices to abandon immediately". Taught: Intro to UX class for Girl Develop It, Duke's Innovation CoLab, company Lunch and Learns, and Duke TIP.

Facilitate and Collaborate

Facilitate workshops, focus groups and design meetings to foster clear communication, strong relationships, internal and external team collaboration, and unified design decisions.

Community Involvement

Co-organizer for Ladies that UX™ Durham, 2015-present; Director of Marketing and Communications for the Triangle User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA), January 2015-July 2016; Director of Sponsorship and Membership for Triangle UXPA, July 2016-July 2017; involved member of ExploreUX Raleigh and Durham Mardi Gras Association.

Selected Work Examples

Duke Talent Identification Program Website Redesign

TIP wireframe screenshotTIP wireframe screenshot
Picture above: programs page wireframe showing faceted search terms; usability testing of wireframes.

  • Problem: Lack of clarity on the opportunities for gifted students provided by this complex organization.
  • Solution: An intensive six weeks of research educated new IA around faceted search and clear content priorities.
  • Outcome: The wireframe presentation meeting was the time the executive council unanimously agreed on a deliverable.
  • Role: UX researcher, information architect, content strategist, and collaborated with creative director for UI and UX design.

Online Giving Form Application

TIP wireframe screenshotstep two when a user is giving online
Picture above: step one of default giving form app prototype screenshot (showing predictive search functionality), step two prototype screenshot showing simplified giving options.

  • Problem: This mission-critical form needed a revamp to be responsive and less cluttered.
  • Solution: Following the results from user interviews and surveys to identify what was important to donors, we simplified and streamlined the giving experience to model real world experiences.
  • Outcome: Still in development, but the new designs resulted in more funds to have presence on the coveted default giving form.
  • Role: Led research, UX and cross-campus buy-in efforts for the new app while collaborating with interdisciplinary teams for mass donor survey, creative director for design styles, developers for implementation.

Duke Graduate School Website Redesign

TIP wireframe screenshot by Julie GrundyGraduate School sitemap by Julie Grundy
Picture above: wireframe of homepage; annotated sitemap with content strategy direction.

  • Problem: This flagship arm of Duke University needed a refreshed look and feel. Prospective and current students frequently complained that information was hard to find.
  • Solution: Focus on what is really important to students when applying to grad school, which was learned during user research.
  • Outcome: eduStyle Judged award for 2014 Best School, Department or Faculty website. Lots of positive feedback around the find funding database, and flexible CMS.
  • Role: researcher, information architect, content strategist, and UX designer; collaborated with visual design and development teams in every step of the process.

Duke Office of Information Technology Website Redesign

OIT card sort picOffice of Information Technology Homepage
Picture above: closed card sort user testing result; controlled vocabulary spreadsheet with categories and synonyms which was the result of two 3 - 4 hour workshops with senior team and service desk employees.

  • Problem: A technology resource site with outdated content, buried information, and multiple terms for the same service or application.
  • Solution: A controlled vocabulary list of services and applications; agreed upon category list; shallow and wide IA focused around predictive search.
  • Outcome: Highlighting the issue of varied vocabulary has already helped internal communication.
  • Role: lead researcher, strategist, information architect, and UI designer working with team of developers and existing site design.

Faith and Leadership Site Redesign

TIP wireframe screenshotMobile wireframe screenshot
Picture above: featured article wireframe layout desktop, homepage wireframe mobile.

  • Problem: This faith-based industry publication needed more intuitive navigation and more media capabilities.
  • Solution: A topic-based navigation structure with taxonomy that allows for cross-linking, and specific content fields for media needs.
  • Outcome: 2015 Award of Excellence (first place) by the Associated Church Press (ACP) for website redesign. Additional work completed after this project to enhance the storytelling capabilities.
  • Role: sole researcher, information architect, content strategist, and collaborated with creative director for UI and UX design.

* Available on request: additional work examples, detailed case studies, references and resume. Please contact me below.


Email: juliepgrundy@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/juliegrundy

Twitter: twitter.com/julie_away

Location: Remote collaborator currently residing in Durham, North Carolina